Monday, 3 October 2011

The day in the life of a Hypnotherapist

Hi All

This is my first Blog in a series of how hypnosis can change a life for the positive.    My name is Jane and I am a wife to Mark whom I have had a wonderful marriage, I am mother of 4 adult daughters and grandmother to 11 gorgeous grandchildren.  

I was first was certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in 1993 when I lived in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  I moved back to Adelaide South Australia to study Science in preparation for sitting the GAMSAT entry exam for Medicine.  I put the hypnotherapy to the side for many years whilst studying my Bachelor of Science (Biomedical) then Social Science.  I sat the exams for Medicine and Passed the Exams! But alas, the score was not competitive enough. Since then I have had a wonderful journey to where I am today.

I have extended my studies and am a qualified Neuro Linguistics Programming Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer and Time Line Therapy Trainer.  I have just completed a project for WorkCoverSA using latest Coaching techniques to help injured workers overcome some of the negative aspects experienced when injured.  We had great outcomes.  Leading from these great outcomes I have established my hypnotherapy clinic.  I so love helping people get their goals.  I have helped out a local gymnastic team get over their fears in readiness for the National Finals; ran a free weight loss trial between two leading virtual gastric band methods and had 23 people participate; helped a professional woman reduce her alcohol intake and also help with quit smoking.  The hypnoband / virtual gastric band hypnosis is really popular.

I gain so much pleasure when my clients report that they feel relaxed and so good after a hypnotherapy session.  But the very best thing is when they tell me that their life has changed, that they hear my voice, my words going through their mind helping them make better choices, to let go of the old patterns to easily and effortlessly do new habits and behaviours.

Watch this space!    In the coming weeks and months I will be running Group Sessions for Quit Smoking and Weight Loss.  This is really exciting as I will be able to maximise the amount of people I can help in short time frames whilst offering their therapy at really low costs.  I am very passionate about all people being able to access health and allied health services such as hypnotherapy which traditionally can be out of the reach of some.

Till next time!

Keep Smiling


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