Saturday, 26 May 2012

It's My Life....Day 1 of the 30 Day Vital Health Challenge


My Morning

Woke up and did a State check:
mmm headache, sore shoulders and upper back and a sound like groaning....

So as Tony says:  MAKE YOUR MOVE! 

It's up to me, no-one can do this for me, do I value good health, do I want good health, do I want excellence? 
Yes I do.   I am still totally up for this challenge. 


Step 1:  Get some instant vital energy, Mark made this juice and calls it ZINGER Juice.  Here's the Recipe for 2 very large drinks:

Mark's Zinger Pick Me Up Juice
2 Oranges
2 Mandarines
1 Apple
1 head of broccoli
half a bunch Celery sticks
3 Carrots
and the secret to a good Zing - Ginger

mmm tasted so good, what an excellent start to my 30 Day Challenge.  We are going to test taste a different juice each day.  Well I am up for that too.  I love going to Juice Bars and trying out all the different juices.  We have ordered a new Juice Extractor as this one the blades are getting a bit worn so why not get a new supercharged model?  This is beginning to turn into a lifestyle.  SNAP just what needs to happen, not a diet but a lifestyle that can be maintained.

Have you ever noticed that the word diet contains the word DIE?  No wonder our unconscious mind resists us staying on DIE-TS, our unconscious mind is where the blue print of good health resides and die-ing or death is not on that list!

So what do I do next? 

Step 2:

How about I check the


The first 8 principles are called The Gifts:

1. The Power of Vital Breathing & Lymphasizing - to breathe deeply and to    rebound vertically to cleanse your cells.
2. The Power of Living Water and Live Foods
3. The Power of Essential Oils
4. The Power of Alkalinity - Go Green!
5. The Power of Aerobic Energy
6. The Power of Maximum Energy
7. The Power of Structural Alignment and Maximum Strength
8. The Power of a Directed Mind and Heart

The last 4 are called the Poisons

9.   The Poison of Processed Fats
10. The Poison of Animal Flesh
11. The Poison of Dairy Products
12. The Poison of Acid Addictions

Mmm so I see this is something I have to work at, no passiveness here.  I can see why 30 days to the challenge is a good idea - it probably takes the minimum 10 days to get your groove around this hehehe.

So why not start at the beginning of the list -

Vital Breathing and Lymphasizing. 

Thank goodness I still have my Lymphasizer Rebounder.  Funny how we can do full circle.  What is Vital Breathing?  Isn't all our breathing vital?  Isn't that what keeps us alive?

Tony Robbins explains Vital Breathing is a technique where you take 5 - 10 minutes each day (preferably 3 times per day) to practice deep, cleansing 'power breathing'. 

This is the breathing exercise ratio: 1:4:2

                                   Breathe in for 1 count
                                   Hold for 4 counts
                                   Breathe out for 2 counts

So if you:
    breathe in for 4 seconds
    you hold you breath for 16 seconds and
    breathe out for 8 seconds.

So why not?  I am going to give it a whirl.  

By the way this is not passive, shallow in breaths.  Breath in deep from your stomach, if you are doing shallow breathing your shoulders will rise up and down. 

Take your time

Take control



It's My's now or never..the 30 day challenge


One of my dear sisters gave us a fright this week.  She had a Silent Heart Attack and didn't know.  She was at home unwell with a cold and had 2 days of work. She also threw up violently in bed and had slight pain in middle of her chest which she thought was mild heartburn.  Her husband took her to the doctors for a sick certificate when they did a blood test and found that her heart enzyme levels were quite up.

She was sent to Gumeracha Hospital and had a ECG which confirmed a heart attack. She was transferred to Ashford Hospital that evening.  Next morning she had an angiogram and all was confirmed. 90% blockage in one artery. They did a Stent and Balloon.

My sister is generally quite healthy.  Not overweight, has low blood pressure, lives on a farm and eats fresh produce off the farm.  She walks a good distance from the bus stop each day for work.  She does have high cholesterol and diverticulitis. 

Compare this to me -  overweight, low or nil levels of exercise, high levels of stress, high cholesterol with a sedentary job.  I also have rolls of fat around my waist which annoy me so much.

PS Silent Heart Attacks are deadly.  As the symptoms are usually mild and not attributed to heart attack.  Women are vulnerable here.  Take time to read the below link.  Sit up and take notice.


I attended the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within in April 2012 in Sydney.  What an excellent use of 4 days of my life.  I danced, shouted and sang more than I have my whole life.  Before I went I had had a coughing sore throat and had taken antibiotics.  I could hardly speak without breaking into a coughing fit.  My voice sounded weak and diminished.  But lo and behold, my voice was STRONG and my throat smooth when at the UPW.  How could this be?  The more I screamed and shouted the stronger my voice was.    Tony Robbins is all about us raising our energy, having an excellent physiology and the mind will follow.

For the past 6 months I have had sore archilles tendons which affect my walking. 

Tony Robbins demanded my best, he demanded high levels of energy, he demanded that I celebrate by jumping, dancing and singing or shouting.   He demanded that I STEP UP.

Oh I thought how can I do this with my feet, heels and sore shoulders.  But again lo and behold, I could go past my physical barriers very quickly.  It was as though my body broke out of a prison of a shell.   The whole weekend was about breaking free of limitations, limiting beliefs about myself.  Let me tell you about my experiences and life changes I vowed to make.

Did I mention that I am Jane Fielder, Firewalker.  Yes, you read that correctly - Firewalker.
I booked this course in October last year (2011).  The idea of a firewalk simply freaked me out.  How can anyone walk on hot coals?  Why would you want to? What law of Physics of Biology allows this?  I did as much research as I could on the internet and was convinced that anyone could walk on the coals due to the preparation.  On the first morning of the training we were invited to write down 3 things that we wanted to break through or change.  Then we had a tour of the Firewalk being prepared.  The flames were hot and worrisome.  I screwed up the paper and threw it onto the fire.  Great metaphor to watch my problems burn up in the flames. 

Later that night I got to walk over the hot coals!  What a spectacle 3000 people lined up to become a Firewalker.  It was all about being in the right State.  We spent a couple of hours getting into State.  Tony even told some horror stories of when it goes wrong.  Shhh I did not want to hear that!  However, I appreciate his honesty.

I lined up with the group.  It wasn't really a line up but a mass movement of people, moving to walk on hot coals.  There was 18 Firewalks prepared.  It was dark outside.  No photos allowed as the flash might distract someone and if distracted they might get burnt.   I didnt get to watch anyone but just the immediate person in front of me.   If he can do it, I can do it.  I reached the starting point and heard "Step Up"....I got into physical and mental State and just walked over the coals.  I was to say to myself "cool moss, cool moss, cool moss" I forgot all about that.  Half way point and my analytical mind took over.   "How can this be?  Why are my feet not burning?  How can science explain this?"  Any whammy, I began to feel some burning in the arches of my feet.  Quick, quick move.

I MADE IT.  I DID IT!!!   I checked over my feet.  No burns to see.  The next day there was a small hardening of the skin which could have been a burn but there was no normal burn symptoms.  Over the week there was a little blister but with hard skin.

MY FIRST BREAKTHROUGH!  I worried so much about this prior to flying to Sydney as I had become sensitive to heat over the past couple of years - not comfortable with getting hot food out the oven, lip burning easily if food too hot.  I OVERCAME THIS MAJOR FEAR.

If I could overcome the fear of the firewalk on the first evening, what else could I overcome, what could I become?

Creating an extraordinary quality of life

Tony challenged us to follow THE 12 STEPS OF PURE ENERGY for the next 30 days (a minimum of 10 days) to experience the power, vitality, energy and joy of your body being totally alive with health.

Tony is a man that does not take excuses.  He says if you want to lose weight, don't wait for the perfect diet plan and exercise program.  He says you just need someone behind you to yell "MOVE".  I get it.  I don't need to be a member of the exclusive gym, I don't need to have a Personal Trainer, I don't need to pay hundreds of dollars for a special diet program.  I need to MOVE, I need to JUST DO IT.

Tony said that if you are overweight, you are probably ACIDIC.  So I need to say goodbye to Caffeine, Sugar, Nicotine, Alcohol, Whites, Vinegar and Drugs.  Well thank goodness I already do not have half of the items on that list.  I can do this.

So how do I do this?  GO GREEN.  GO ALKALINE 70-75% every meal.
Apparently, cancer cannot survive in alkaline states.   Mmmm I am starting to understand if I follow this 10 - 30 Day Challenge I can lose the excess weight I have been carrying for so long, have less potential for cancer and other metabolic diseases, and to top it of have incredible energy and vitality! 

Here are 2 of the recipes I have trialled for my research.

 Berry Smoothie
small tub yoghurt
250 ml soy milk
Big handful of berries

      Energise Alkaline Green Drink
2 celery sticks, 1 cucumber (medium to large),
2 large handfuls of spinach leaves, 1 large handful of lettuce (dark green variety), lemon or lime juice, parsley.

So what do I have to lose?  All that ails modern man and woman.

What will I gain? 
Health, vitality, energy, clear thinking and a body that looks and feels fantastic. 

I have done my research, found juicing and alkaline meal recipes, bought a second hand bike and gone for a ride, I have bought an exercise bike so I can exercise whatever the weather.  Oh by the way, Tony said you can tell what your standards are, just by looking at your body.  If you have high standards you exercise daily no matter what.  You can tell who is in this category.  At the moment that is not me.  Let's come back to this in a few month's time and see the difference.

IT'S MY LIFE we are talking about here.   In the past couple of months my father in law has been treated for cancer, my good friend has cancer, my sister had a heart attack, my body has been slowing me down with joint pain, I am overweight and unfit. Who knows, I might not get this chance again to get my body into alignment with excellent health.  

So I am up for the Challenge! 


I will blog my progress, put recipes and photos up.  I hope to spread the word of healthy lifestyle rather than spread the peanut butter (one of my eating habits to let go of).

So here I go.....

Monday, 3 October 2011

The day in the life of a Hypnotherapist

Hi All

This is my first Blog in a series of how hypnosis can change a life for the positive.    My name is Jane and I am a wife to Mark whom I have had a wonderful marriage, I am mother of 4 adult daughters and grandmother to 11 gorgeous grandchildren.  

I was first was certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in 1993 when I lived in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  I moved back to Adelaide South Australia to study Science in preparation for sitting the GAMSAT entry exam for Medicine.  I put the hypnotherapy to the side for many years whilst studying my Bachelor of Science (Biomedical) then Social Science.  I sat the exams for Medicine and Passed the Exams! But alas, the score was not competitive enough. Since then I have had a wonderful journey to where I am today.

I have extended my studies and am a qualified Neuro Linguistics Programming Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer and Time Line Therapy Trainer.  I have just completed a project for WorkCoverSA using latest Coaching techniques to help injured workers overcome some of the negative aspects experienced when injured.  We had great outcomes.  Leading from these great outcomes I have established my hypnotherapy clinic.  I so love helping people get their goals.  I have helped out a local gymnastic team get over their fears in readiness for the National Finals; ran a free weight loss trial between two leading virtual gastric band methods and had 23 people participate; helped a professional woman reduce her alcohol intake and also help with quit smoking.  The hypnoband / virtual gastric band hypnosis is really popular.

I gain so much pleasure when my clients report that they feel relaxed and so good after a hypnotherapy session.  But the very best thing is when they tell me that their life has changed, that they hear my voice, my words going through their mind helping them make better choices, to let go of the old patterns to easily and effortlessly do new habits and behaviours.

Watch this space!    In the coming weeks and months I will be running Group Sessions for Quit Smoking and Weight Loss.  This is really exciting as I will be able to maximise the amount of people I can help in short time frames whilst offering their therapy at really low costs.  I am very passionate about all people being able to access health and allied health services such as hypnotherapy which traditionally can be out of the reach of some.

Till next time!

Keep Smiling


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