Saturday, 26 May 2012

It's My Life....Day 1 of the 30 Day Vital Health Challenge


My Morning

Woke up and did a State check:
mmm headache, sore shoulders and upper back and a sound like groaning....

So as Tony says:  MAKE YOUR MOVE! 

It's up to me, no-one can do this for me, do I value good health, do I want good health, do I want excellence? 
Yes I do.   I am still totally up for this challenge. 


Step 1:  Get some instant vital energy, Mark made this juice and calls it ZINGER Juice.  Here's the Recipe for 2 very large drinks:

Mark's Zinger Pick Me Up Juice
2 Oranges
2 Mandarines
1 Apple
1 head of broccoli
half a bunch Celery sticks
3 Carrots
and the secret to a good Zing - Ginger

mmm tasted so good, what an excellent start to my 30 Day Challenge.  We are going to test taste a different juice each day.  Well I am up for that too.  I love going to Juice Bars and trying out all the different juices.  We have ordered a new Juice Extractor as this one the blades are getting a bit worn so why not get a new supercharged model?  This is beginning to turn into a lifestyle.  SNAP just what needs to happen, not a diet but a lifestyle that can be maintained.

Have you ever noticed that the word diet contains the word DIE?  No wonder our unconscious mind resists us staying on DIE-TS, our unconscious mind is where the blue print of good health resides and die-ing or death is not on that list!

So what do I do next? 

Step 2:

How about I check the


The first 8 principles are called The Gifts:

1. The Power of Vital Breathing & Lymphasizing - to breathe deeply and to    rebound vertically to cleanse your cells.
2. The Power of Living Water and Live Foods
3. The Power of Essential Oils
4. The Power of Alkalinity - Go Green!
5. The Power of Aerobic Energy
6. The Power of Maximum Energy
7. The Power of Structural Alignment and Maximum Strength
8. The Power of a Directed Mind and Heart

The last 4 are called the Poisons

9.   The Poison of Processed Fats
10. The Poison of Animal Flesh
11. The Poison of Dairy Products
12. The Poison of Acid Addictions

Mmm so I see this is something I have to work at, no passiveness here.  I can see why 30 days to the challenge is a good idea - it probably takes the minimum 10 days to get your groove around this hehehe.

So why not start at the beginning of the list -

Vital Breathing and Lymphasizing. 

Thank goodness I still have my Lymphasizer Rebounder.  Funny how we can do full circle.  What is Vital Breathing?  Isn't all our breathing vital?  Isn't that what keeps us alive?

Tony Robbins explains Vital Breathing is a technique where you take 5 - 10 minutes each day (preferably 3 times per day) to practice deep, cleansing 'power breathing'. 

This is the breathing exercise ratio: 1:4:2

                                   Breathe in for 1 count
                                   Hold for 4 counts
                                   Breathe out for 2 counts

So if you:
    breathe in for 4 seconds
    you hold you breath for 16 seconds and
    breathe out for 8 seconds.

So why not?  I am going to give it a whirl.  

By the way this is not passive, shallow in breaths.  Breath in deep from your stomach, if you are doing shallow breathing your shoulders will rise up and down. 

Take your time

Take control




  1. Hey Jane, thanks for continuing to share your journey. I'm enjoying reading it and you are helping to motivate me. I've been preparing to go on this path for a while. I'm off to buy a juicer in the next few days. Have been checking them out for a while now. Going to buy a Breville Fountain juicer. Leonie (Lotti).

  2. Oh and by the way I hate the word DIET and have for a long time. Just has to be a whole change of lifestyle.